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ICEpower is a Danish company that manufactures and sells class D amplifier modules for audio use.

ICEpower: versatile, compact, powerful

ICEpower creates and delivers exceptional audio solutions for professional audio applications and end users worldwide through breakthrough innovation and world-class understanding. The variety of ICEpower's portfolio is a big plus, and thanks to their ICEbricks system, you can choose the products that best suit your needs. They are high quality audio amplifiers at an affordable price. ICEpower class D amplifiers offer many advantages. Not only is the audio performance at or better than class AB amplifiers, it is also significantly more energy efficient than audio products! ICEpower amplifiers are small and light compared to other amplifiers, making external heat sinks superfluous. Thanks to their unique plug-and-play systems, greater integration of audio components is possible, resulting in greater design freedom.

Why buy Icepower?

Intelligent, compact and efficient are the hallmarks of ICEpower amplifiers. ICEpower amplifiers require minimal cooling, have excellent sound quality and are affordable. For example, take a look at the ICEpower 250ASX2, an amplifier module with integrated power supply.

A new dimension of sound: ICEbricks

ICEbricks are ultra-compact class D amplifier modules with many of the same features as the rest of the ICEpower amplifier modules: high audio quality, low power loss, small size, durability, adaptability and long product life. They can split 400 Wrms into 4Ω or up to 300 Wrms into 8Ω. The Sierra modulation technique, which provides constant loop gain in the audio band while maintaining a first order closed loop response, is used in ICEbricks. Are you interested in ICEbricks? Check out the ICEpower Engine-400 ICEbrick amplifier module.

ICEpower 1200AS2 amplifier module

Two high-performance 1200 watt ICEedge-based Class D amplifier channels are combined with an integrated mains power supply in the ICEpower 1200AS2. This is the most powerful integrated solution in the amplifier module category, as well as the most cost-effective solution for two channels of extraordinary audio power and performance.

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