Dayton Audio 12" Ultimax subwoofer kit
Dayton Audio 12" Ultimax subwoofer kit
Dayton Audio 12" Ultimax subwoofer kit
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Dayton Audio 12" Ultimax subwoofer kit
Dayton Audio 12" Ultimax subwoofer kit
Dayton Audio 12" Ultimax subwoofer kit

Dayton Audio 12" Ultimax subwoofer kit

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Dayton Audio 12" Ultimax subwoofer kit

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Dayton Audio 12" Ultimax subwoofer kit

Product description

56.6 L CNC-cut cabinet made of 18 mm MDF panels with a 36 mm thick front baffle

Includes the no-holds-barred 12" Ultimax subwoofer from Dayton Audio


Product details

Dayton Audio 12" Ultimax Subwoofer and Cabinet Bundle


About the Cabinet

This particular cabinet is designed specifically for the Dayton Audio 12" Ultimax subwoofer, but works for any subwoofer with an overall diameter of 12-3/8" or less, and a cutout requirement of 11-1/8" or less. For optimum performance with the Ultimax 12" subwoofer, add one pound of Acousta-Stuf polyfill for a Qtc of 0.707 and an f3 of 36 Hz. During the CNC manufacturing process, rabbets and dadoes are cut into the back panel for precise panel alignment. A unique two-piece brace adds superior rigidity without affecting the subwoofer's performance. Both side panels feature 3/4" rabbeted extensions with recesses to perfectly install the first piece of the two-part, double thick baffle. The end result is a resonance-free, sealed subwoofer cabinet that is purpose-built to extract the best performance from Dayton Audio's 12" Ultimax subwoofer. All that's left to do is finish it to match your décor or paint it to stand out.


About the Subwoofer

The Ultimax Series of dual voice coil subwoofers, from Dayton Audio, are not for the faint of heart. Built using the latest in subwoofer technology, Ultimax subwoofers are the pinnacle of low-frequency driver design. A Ultimax subwoofer tests the strength of your foundation with fast, articulate, gut-wrenching bass. Dual 2 ohm voice coils allow for stereo 2 ohm and mono 1 ohm wiring configurations when connecting to high current car audio and professional audio amplifiers to extract maximum power. For home audio applications, simply wire the voice coils in series for a benign 4 ohm load for greater amplifier compatibility. To improve power handling, increase thermal management, and reduce power compression, Dayton Audio designed the Ultimax Series with large black anodized formers and vented pole pieces, under-spider ventilation, and two-layer copper voice coils. Over 1-1/2" of travel (3/4" Xmax) is kept completely linear through the use of dual spiders that also limit distortion and rocking modes. "Tall-boy" rubber surrounds with integrated gaskets maintain driver surface area during extreme excursion moments. Thick, one-piece Nomex honeycomb-covered cones are covered with woven, heavy-duty glass fibers creating ultra-still cones that resist deformation. A large copper sleeve and copper pole cap in the motor reduce energy storage from inductance, with the side benefit of lowering distortion for a "faster" response. Large dual-stacked, high-energy magnets handle the heavy lifting and bring Qts down to a level where Ultimax subwoofers can be used in vented or sealed cabinets and enclosures.



Power handling: 600 watts RMS/1,200 watts max • Le: 1.22 mH • Impedance: 4 ohms  (2 ohms/coil) • Re: 3.3 ohms • Frequency range: 20-1,000 Hz • Fs: 24.9 Hz • SPL: 87.7 dB 2.83V/1m • Vas: 2.53 cu. ft. • Qms: 3.45 • Qes: 0.71 • Qts: 0.59 • Xmax: 19 mm.


Note: Here is a list of what you need to build this subwoofer-cabinet bundle that's not included and where to find it on our webshop:


Passive: When building passive, the kit requires a low passfiltered signal.

External amps: Dayton Audio SA1000 / Dayton Audio SA230

Speaker wire

Binding posts



Plate amps: Dayton Audio SPA500 / Dayton Audio SPA1000

Scribing for cutout: Yes

Braces have to be cut out too


Needed for both:

Screws: 8 x Monacor MZF-8615

Feet  (optional)

Coating (optional)

Damping material (optional for tuning the response): Visaton VIS 5070


Dimensions and Specifications:

Holes (# and size in mm): 8 x 6,0 mm Ø

Panel thickness: 18 mm

Front baffle thickness: 36 mm

Panel material: Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

Finished net cabinet volume (subtracting the double-thick baffle, bracing, and subwoofer volume): 56.6 L

External dimensions: 482 x 406 x 508 mm

Subwoofer recess: 12.7 mm

Weight: 18.5 Kg


Subwoofer dimensions:

Overall diameter: 304.8 mm

Cutout: 285.7 mm

Depth: 165.1 mm

12" Ultimax subwoofer kit
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