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Dayton Audio stands for speaker excellence

Dayton Audio has been designing and manufacturing high-quality audio components for more than 20 years. The brand has made a name for innovation, high quality, and values. The products of this premium DIY audio brand are produced in North America, Europe, and Asia. Dayton Audio products have received acclaim worldwide throughout the years and are often compared favourably to similar items costing far more.

Dayton Audio woofers

The dominant component in a majority of loudspeaker designs, woofers are responsible for much of a system's tone and character. Don't underestimate this cornerstone element—Dayton Audio has the perfect woofer for every application and budget. Discover some of Dayton’s high-quality audio woofers, such as the popular Dayton Audio Ultimax UM18-22 from the powerful Ultimax Series, the Dayton Audio RSS390HF-4 featuring ultra-low distortion or check out the never-failing Dayton Audio PS95-8 full-range woofer.

Tweeters from Dayton Audio

Although they are the smallest driver in most loudspeakers, tweeters play an important role in our auditory information perception. Clarity, articulation, imaging—Dayton Audio tweeters make your speaker system come alive! Discover the immense popular Dayton Audio air motion tweeters and dome tweeters! Dayton Audio tweeters, such as the Dayton Audio AMTPRO-4, provide ultra-clean, detailed, and dynamic treble output.

Dayton Audio Drivers by Series

Dayton Audio has created a comprehensive selection of speaker components for every application and budget, all of which you can find at Nonsolospeakers. Find some of the Dayton audio most popular driver series below.

Dayton Audio Reference Series

Dayton Audio's Reference Series is dedicated to the pursuit of supreme low-distortion high fidelity audio reproduction. The Dayton Audio Reference RS100-4 for example comes with a rigid yet lightweight anodized aluminium cone, enhanced motors with distortion-reducing devices, and carefully optimized T/S parameters result in accuracy and detail that are second to none.

Dayton Audio Designer Series

The Designer Series by Dayton Audio was developed specifically with the speaker designer in mind. It is an affordable, attractive line of drivers that puts performance first. Careful engineering ensures that the Dayton Audio DS135-8 5" Designer Series Woofer can handle full rated power at the lowest possible frequencies—without exceeding Xmax. The series combines useful performance parameters with elegant style.

Dayton Audio Ultimax Series

Most low-frequency drivers smear, distort, or alter their input waveform. Ultimax DVC subwoofers by Dayton Audio, such as the Dayton Audio UM12-22 woofer, sweep a higher volume of air while preventing false, deceptive reproduction. They are designed to deliver powerful low-end response from modest-sized enclosures.

Dayton Audio amplifiers

Give your home entertainment system the power it deserves with an amplifier from Dayton Audio! Find out more about the Dayton Audio amplifiers, plate amplifiers, and amplifier modules. The manufacturer’s exceptional engineering, combined with rigorous testing, will provide you with years of faithful high-fidelity service. Find out more about some of the brand’s best-seller amplifiers, such as the Dayton Audio MA1260 & Dayton Audio MA1240a, as well as the Dayton Audio DTA 2.1 Bluetooth amplifier.

Dayton Audio Exciters & bass shakers

Exciters are compact devices that attach to surfaces and vibrate them mechanically. The vibrations translate into auditory information; the result is surprisingly musical and accurate. Test them on doors, ceiling panels, windows, projection screens—whatever excites you! Check out some of the brand's most sold exciters and transducers, such as the Dayton Audio DAEX32EP-4, DAEX30HESF-4, and the BST-1 bass shaker

Dayton Audio Test & Measurement equipment

Design better speakers and optimize their in-room performance. Dayton Audio test and measurement products take the guesswork out of determining loudspeaker parameters and room interactions—providing an authoritative, easy-to-use method of achieving superior results. Discover the brand’s easy to use DATS V3 measurement system (the upgraded version of de Dayton Audio DATS V2) or take control of your audio system with the DSP-408 Digital Signal Processor.

Dayton Audio Home Audio Speakers

Dayton Audio not only offer audio component, amplifiers, and crossover components. In case you do not feel like a DIY project, pre-assembled home audio speakers from Dayton Audio might be the right alternative for you. These speakers are equipped with high quality audio components and offer a audiophile-friendly sound quality. The Dayton Audio B652-AIR 6-1/2" 2-Way Bookshelf Speaker with AMT Tweeter Pair, for example, are known for their pleated ribbon diaphragm AMT tweeters that add an extra portion of smoothness to the already overall great sound experience. Dayton Audio B652-AIR speakers take a big step up, thanks to the addition of a higher-quality AMT tweeter. The AMT's folded Kapton ribbon diaphragm moves more air but with less effort and distortion, for purer and satisfyingly dimensional sound.

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