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GAS Audio Power is an exclusive company, specialized in the sale of products for industry and car reproduction. The cheaper models are equipped with a wide range of playback devices and a subwoofer. They are often used in competitions. Together with DLS, GAS Audio belongs to the production of the largest Nordic manufacturer of car hi-fi components, Winn Scandinavia, which guarantees the quality of the individual model lines.

A little history about GAS Audio Power

Let's rewind the tape a bit. Actually until the last days of 1997. It was on December 9 of that year – a Tuesday – that a custom-built Opel Calibra was unveiled, equipped with the very first versions of the GAS Silver and GAS Alpha products. It was the first demonstration car with GAS products and at the same time the brand's world premiere. Another fast forward to 2021. On September 23 of that year, a huge change occurs. This was the start of something new and exciting. Welcome to the world of GAS Audio Power.

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