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Since 1986, DD Audio has designed and manufactured products for every facet of the audio industry; Pro, Marine, Mobile, Home, Industrial, and OEM Applications.DDaudio do not make compromises to profit from substandard equipment, so no expense is spared when creating of products. Only use the highest quality components available to ensure maximum product performance and longevity.  

All DD Audio amplifiers are built using industry leading component manufacturers and are held to the highest level of build quality. The catalog differs in various ranges of amplifiers:

Redline series

Amplifiers are designed to be no-nonsense, affordable yet reliable. Available in a monoblock like the DD Audio DD Audio SA500.1 Amplifier Mono class D for your subs and in a multi-channel DD Audio SA300.4 Amplifier 4 channels class D for your mids and highs, these amps are crafted with only the best name-brand components to give you great power and system performance.

M series

The M-series amps are well made and oversized. These items have been the benchmark for DD Audio products for years and continue to set the standard for high performance Class D monoblocks. DD Audio M2000 Amplifier 2000W Rms, the intermediate model DD Audio M4000 Amplifier 4000W Rms, to get to the monstrous top model DD Audio M8000 Amplifier 8000W Rms

D series

D-series amplifiers are designed to be the best amplifiers on the market for enthusiasts. These Class-D amplifiers feature a compact chassis, superb sound quality, reliable circuitry, and powerful output sections. They are available in different channel and power configurations, ensuring that a D-series amplifier is present to power the system. We start from the "small" DD Audio D1100 mono amplifier for subwoofer to the model multichannel DD Audio D4.200 Amplifier 4 channels class D.

Z series

All Z-Series products are limited-run, purpose-built, and represent the pinnacle of their product class. Noteworthy exponent is the fantastic DIGITAL DESIGNS Z12000 Z SERIES Amplifier mono Amplifier mono which delivers 12000 watts at 1 ohm


DD speakers use sound quality design features paired with high energy motor systems to set the standard for aftermarket audio upgrades.The Loudspeakers category is divided into 4 series:

Red line

The new REDLINE Series coaxial speakers and components were designed to take your everyday listening to the next level at an affordable price. Available in sizes ranging from 4" to 6×9". See our DIGITAL DESIGNS RL-C6.5 + RL-X6.5 system bundle.

D series

D Series Components and Coaxials are high fidelity loudspeakers designed for the most discerning listener. DIGITAL DESIGNS DC6.5a 2 way Component Speaker System or superior kit 2 way DIGITAL DESIGNS CC6.5a 2 way Component Speaker

A series

The superior quality of these speakers produces a high level sound stage: discover the DD Audio kit 2 way active AT-28A + AW6.5A or the DD Audio 3-way kit DD Audio kit 3 way active AT-28A + AM-3+ AW6.5A. With fantastic performance both systems are equipped with DD Audio AT-28a High End Tweeter 28 mm pair , high-end ceramic diaphragm tweeters! top notch speed and resolution.

V.O. series

Voice Optimized High Output Speakers are a hybrid of Pro Audio and Audiophile technologies. They offer high fidelity to previously unattainable levels. Discover the DIGITAL DESIGNS Vom8A-S4 mid 8" PAIR , the neodymium series DIGITAL DESIGNS VO-MN8 midrange 4 ohm pair , and the last new incredible series of coaxial DIGITAL DESIGNS VO-XN6 6.5″ Coaxial speaker Pair and version more big DIGITAL DESIGNS VO-XN8 8″ Coaxial Coaxial speaker Pair. For the most demanding we have thought of offering bundles such as, DD Audio VO-W8 COAX 25 Bundle, or DD Audio VO-W10 COAX 25 Bundle for those who need larger woofers. They are composed of DIGITAL DESIGNS VO-W8b woofer 4 ohm , DIGITAL DESIGNS VO-W10 woofer speakers 4 ohm DIGITAL DESIGNS VO-CT25 tweeter pair  and dedicated DIGITAL DESIGNS VO-CTAL 10 horn tweeter.


DD Audio's goal is to create the best possible subwoofers, dedicated to maximum product performance.


DD Audio subwoofers are phenomenal sounding drivers built to push the limits of performance to the next level.You can find the affordable REDLINE series such as the DIGITAL DESIGNS RL-PSW12-D2 Subwoofer 30 cm or the larger version DIGITAL DESIGNS RL-PSW15-D2 Subwoofer 38 cm. Going up a level we suggest the 600 series, built for extreme sonic performance such as DIGITAL DESIGNS DD612 Subwoofer 30 cm 2+2 ohm and the DD Audio Redline 615e D2 subwoofer 38cm. For the most demanding we suggest the 700 series designed for serious performance. It features a DD cast basket supporting a triple stack magnet motor, heavy duty suspension, and a high strength cone coupled to a massive EROM surround, making them best suited for duty in vented or multi-order enclosures. See the DIGITAL DESIGNS DD712 D2 double coil 30 cm 2+2 ohm or the biggest DIGITAL DESIGNS DD715 D2 double coil 38 cm 2+2 ohm. The top od the series is represented by the DIGITAL DESIGNS DD718 D2 double coil 18" 2+2 ohm.

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