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ClarityCap is recognized as one of the best crossover component brands on the market. Their capacitors are appreciated and marketed all over the world. ClarityCap has supplied some of the world's leading loudspeaker manufacturers for over 30 years. Here are Nonsolospeakers you can buy ClarityCap condensers and choose from a wide selection.

ClarityCap capacitors and their history

ClarityCap has been developing and manufacturing metallized plastic film capacitors for use in audio applications since 1974. ClarityCap has refined its materials, processes and systems over the years to ensure that the consumer hears the difference ClarityCap capacitors make. By working with university testing teams and a portfolio of the best high-end audio vendors, ClarityCap has been able to enhance and expand its solution for all consumer audio capacitor needs. The results of their observations were the demonstration of some form of distortion by all the capacitors. The range of ClarityCap capacitors covers nearly all high-end audio system needs, from as little as 10nF (0.010uF) to over 200uF. The production of the capacitors is just as important as the promotion and sale of the capacitors. That's why all capacitors are manufactured in the ClarityCap factory. ClarityCap does this because it believes that, as a manufacturer, it has the best opportunity to monitor every part of the capacitor's characteristics and ensure that every capacitor has the same sound quality and efficiency every time.

CMR ClarityCap Series

The CMR Series uses the same sequential foil microphone structure and acrylic tube damping inspired by the acclaimed MR Series. CopperConnect technology significantly reduces grain boundary transitions in the final connection. Allows for designs with narrower ESR capacitor plates without a corresponding increase in final connection impedance. The principle of reducing as many grain boundaries as possible is implemented through the use of high quality 1.0mm2 tinned oxygen-free copper conductors.

CSA ClarityCap Series

Inspired by the acclaimed ESA series, the CSA uses the same carefully learned microphones to minimize processing parameters. CopperConnect technology significantly reduces the grain boundary transitions of the end connections. Helps designs use narrower foils for a lower ESR capacitor without the resulting increase in final termination impedance. The concept of reducing as many grain boundaries as possible is implemented when using high quality 1.0mm2 tinned oxygen free copper terminations.

ClarityCap MR Series

The MR Series was developed as a direct result of the 2 year research program between ClarityCap and the renowned Acoustics Research Center at Salford University.

Both the components used in audio capacitors and all current performance data were included in the study, as was a review of manufacturing processes and techniques. The key element that emerged was the effect of mechanical resonances on the sound quality within a condenser and the importance of minimizing or adjusting the sonic performance of a condenser.

ESA ClarityCap Series

By reducing the resonant sound output of the condenser coil itself, the performance of ESA capacitors has been drastically improved. This is achieved through careful selection of the highest quality polypropylene base sheet coupled with thick pure aluminum metallization and tight control of critical manufacturing processes for film and foil capacitors.

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