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The love for music, details and perfection inspired Henning Gladen to develop loudspeakers and crossovers in the nineties. This led to the founding of the GLADEN brand name in 1997. Today Gladen Audio introduces technologies into his new designs that are more commonly used in Aerospace and Automotive industries. For instance, FEM Analysis was used to locate and improve the weak points in a basket design. Other technical issues were targeted with the same exceptional approach only to achieve one goal: Perfect sound reproduction!

In the extensive Gladen-Mosconi catalog you can find everything you need to create a first audio system for your car. We start from the Alpha loudspeaker series such as  Gladen Alpha 165 G2 16cm 2-way component system are designed for the replacement of loudspeakers originals with better performance, to the Zero series with Gladen Zero Pro 165.2 DC 2-way component system 16 cm, to the beautiful Gladen Zero Pro 165.2 PP 2-way component system 16 cm, to the active three-way Gladen Zero Pro 165.3 Active 3-way system 16 cm . The top of the series is represented by the Aerospace systems, Gladen Aerospace 165.3 DC 3-way Active system 16 cm.

As far as amplifications are concerned, we point out the Mosconi PRO series such as the 4-channel Mosconi PRO 4/10 Amplifier a 4 channels or the new Mosconi PRO 4/30 4-channel AA/B amplifier 4x170 w rms models and the latest addition to the catalog which is getting great sales success Mosconi Pro 8/30 DSP - 8 channel amplifier amplifier

These amplifiers achieve very high performance and are only surpassed by the Mosconi Zero 4 4-channel amplifier 4 ohms

Gladen's interest and research are directed especially towards integration with new cars where installation becomes more and more complicated, such as the kits dedicated to the most widespread high-level cars. Let's talk Gladen SoundUP GA-SU-MB-205-BASIC - Mercedes to the complete systems Gladen Soundup BMW GA-SU-BM-S676-BASIC-C - upgrade for center channel -  also available full car bundles Gladen Soundup GA-SU-HY-i30-passiv for Hyundai i30 / i30N

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