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DLS is the link between you and an In-car music experience far beyond the normal.
Since DLS was established in 1979 we have developed and produced in-car speakers for music lovers. Over the years, we have won numerous awards for our speaker systems, and we have been very successful in sound-off championships, both in Sweden and the rest of the world. Dls offers car speakers with exceptional qualities. You will find a complete catalog for every need where every single speaker is designed to offer the best musical experience in the car.

Cruises Series:

Upgrade your in-car audio experience with the Cruises Series! Designed for easy installation and seamless integration into your car's audio setup, these speakers deliver exceptional sound quality and clarity superior to the original speakers. For example DLS Cruise CRPP-2.6 Speakers for Volkswagen or DLS Cruise CRPP-2.6 Speakers for SKODA can be installed in different models of cars Volkswagen or Skoda without modification.

Performance Series:

The Performance series like DLS MB6.2 kit 2 way 165 mm speakers is designed to achieve superior musical qualities by achieving excellent performance with a limited budget. Sound definition, detail and power will always be the distinctive characteristics of this category 

Reference series:

The DLS Reference Series delivers a warm, room-filling example is the model DLS RZ6.2 speakers kit 2 way 165 mm. The sound is always very detailed and defined without being aggressive and the materials used for the membranes and crossovers are selected in order to obtain very high sound quality. The DLS Reference Series delivers a warm, room-filling sound. The sound is always very detailed and defined without being aggressive and the materials used for the membranes and crossovers are selected in order to obtain very high sound quality. Ia available also the kit 3 way  DLS RC6.3 speakers kit 3 way 165 mm.

Scandinavia Series:

The DLS Scandinavia series is the ultimate choice for the most demanding riders and for competitions. They are designed to play loudly without distortion, offering a wide imaging and exceptional three-dimensionality with high resolution and dynamics. The sound of kit  DLS Scandcase 3 speakers Kit 3 way 165 mm is realistic and you will feel in front of the musicians as in a live concert. Punch, low-frequency response, vocal reproduction and detail are at the highest level, without the artificiality of some speakers.

Car Audio subwoofers:

the line of subwoofers made by DLS are always oriented towards Sound Quality and to obtain the best possible performance for the budget if the category is selected. Power extension and punch at the highest levels are an always natural sound.The top model is the Subwoofer DLS Nordica 12i subwoofer 30cm


Featuring quality construction and select components, the DLS 2-Channel, 4-Channel and Mono amplifiers are designed to deliver the renowned DLS sound in your car.

CCi series: The DLS CCi series amplifiers have achieved great global success for their performance all achieved in a compact size .See DLS Reference CCi44 amplifier 4 channel

DD series: big power in compact dimensions re the features of this amplifiers. Discover the model DLS DD31T 3 channel amplifier

P series: the DLS P Series is the result of DLS' continued commitment to providing the best sound available. Class A/B balanced sound with both details and raw power. The perfect solution for each hifi system is the  DLS Performance P44 amplifier 4 channel

Signature series: the Signature Series is the result of more than two years of research, development, fine-tuning, testing and optimization of every single component and circuit. These amps are DLS perfection , like the DLS Signature S4 four channel amplifier

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