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Raal is proud to present the pinnacle of contemporary true ribbon design. It defines new limits to a known, old, concept. Superior in sound quality and reliability, it deals with every task by incomparable dominance. The uncompressed reproduction of the signal dynamics, is what makes it better than any corrugated true ribbon design and, still, it has only 4 micrometer aluminium foil. New ideas, science, art and experience, brought together. Painstakingly bred by connoisseurs for their own kind.

RAAL is best known for its groundbreaking ribbon tweeters, which have garnered widespread acclaim in the audio industry. These tweeters utilize an ultra-thin, lightweight ribbon diaphragm that is capable of reproducing high-frequency details with exceptional accuracy and clarity. Raal ribbon tweeters are known for their extended frequency response, low distortion, and fast transient response, resulting in a truly immersive listening experience.


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