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BLAM is a French manufacturer specializing in the design of high quality audio equipment.

Audio equipment that integrates the different moments of its users' lives with the sole objective of bringing unique sensations to life. Because our vehicle is not just a simple transport tool, it makes us travel on the roads and through our emotions. Through the choice of our music that rocks us during your journeys. BLAM and its teams design products adapted to your vehicles and capable of enhancing your journeys. Find perfect sound whatever your musical style. BLAM offers you complete lines of equipment structured in 5 distinct ranges according to your musical expectations.

Multix range

Perfect sound is the result of equipment made of unique materials. To live and feel all the vibrations and emotions of your music, BLAM has taken care of creating unique products. The MULTIX range is an enthusiast's dream realized by enthusiasts, products designed and tested by audiophiles. The choice to remove digital to make way for human ears and their other senses. You can find the versions avaibles of Multix kits Here

Signature Range

An entire range designed, manufactured and assembled in France on our premises.The desire to prove French knowledge transcribed by a unique and flawless sound. The signature range comes to dress the vehicle with a refined and elegant design. Products made from the best components to create music, your music. A powerful and lively sound, have the feeling of listening to your sounds as if you were at a concert, at a festival or even better, in your car. Various kits and speakers of the Signature series are available in our store: the most sought after are the active BLAM AUDIO Signature S 165.300 A which represents the top 3-way kits, BLAM AUDIO S165 85 6.5″ 165mm 2-way kit with crossover. A version with large 8" woofers is also available, BLAM AUDIO S 200.300 8" 3-way. The series is also completed by high quality midrange speakers such as BLAM AUDIO FRS 3N50+ Full-range 3'' driver or BLAM AUDIO Signature MS 3.55 speakers.

Live Range

The LIVE range is the perfect blend of bass, bass, treble and different frequencies to offer you the most accurate sound according to your musical style. The objective of this range is to be able to offer a perfectly balanced melody for any musical style. It allows everyone to get the best out of their music thanks to the combination of the composite membranes of the woofers with that of the very high quality flexible domes of the tweeters. Products suitable for all musical moods, from warm to electric, from very low to very high. The promise to sublimate your daily listening. Discover the BLAM AUDIO L165P - Power 6,5″ 2 way Component Speaker model or the "dust cap" version BLAM AUDIO L165A - Acoustic 6.5″ 2 way Component Speaker. Excellent coaxial speakers from the same series are also available, ideal for installation in the rear doors of the car: BLAM AUDIO L165C - Acoustic 6,5″ 2 way Coaxial Speaker

Relax range

The Relax line is designed to give you an incredible experience thanks to its high efficiency and low impedance. They make it possible to achieve detailed and powerful sound with or without amplifiers. An essential sound system for your daily journeys, which will start with an audio quality that will make you travel. Available the BLAM Relax 2 165 R2X 2-way kit with crossover equipped with selected components for better performance, or the cheaper version BLAM Relax 2 165 R2S. Also this series is completed by excellent 165mm coaxial kits, BLAM AUDIO Relax 2 165 R2C. You will also find coaxial systems of different sizes such as BLAM AUDIO Relax 690 RC 6x9" elliptical, BLAM AUDIO 130 RC 5.25" 130mm, BLAM AUDIO Relax 100 RF C 100mm.

Express range

To rediscover music is to accept change.The express range allows you to effectively improve your installation to begin to rediscover your vehicle and your music, a range that allows you to enter the BLAM universe and discover what good sound is. Solutions adapted to each of the vehicles on the market and guaranteeing a clear improvement of your original car audio. The 165 mm 2-way kit is represented by the BLAM AUDIO EXPRESS 165 ES model while the coaxial version is the BLAM AUDIO EXPRESS 165 EC 6,5″ 2 way Coaxial Speaker model

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