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The mission: Affordable high-end pickups .We hardly found anything suitable - and ended up developing our own line of MC systems:

Excalibur Platinum, Gold, Black, Red, Green & Blue.


Technically superior: Moving Coil

All Excalibur models work according to the MC principle. Compared to MM or MI designs, this results in lower inductance and higher mechanical integrity, the most linear, broadest frequency response and thus the best detail and impulse reproduction. Excalibur Platinum, Gold, Blue & Black are classic low-output MCs for the lowest possible moving mass and maximum dynamics. Green & Red are high-output MC systems that can be easily operated on any MM phono input.


When good form improves the sound: Design by Helmut Thiele

Even the smallest detail on the generator as well as on the housing of a pickup can influence the sound. We therefore worked together with the renowned industrial designer Helmut Thiele on the interior and exterior design of the Excalibur models. In many hours of listening tests, prototypes and refinement steps, a system family has emerged that can be produced efficiently and still provides maximum neutrality and precision.


Made in Japan: where perfect craftsmanship is sacred

Our Excalibur systems are manufactured by a factory in Japan that has been working for many of the really big analog names for decades. High production consistency, absolute precision and meticulous quality control are an integral part of the company identity. So we can be sure that every Excalibur Platinum, Gold, Black, Red, Green or Blue will sound the way we designed it to.


Green, Blue, Black, Red, Gold or Platinum: The right version for every requirement

All Excalibur models have low-resonance, rigid cantilevers that give the diamond a precise, backlash-free hold. In the Blue, Green, Red, Black and Gold, hollow aluminum carrier tubes take on this task, while the top-of-the-range Platinum model carries its diamond on an even stiffer and therefore lower-loss boron carrier. Only bare, crystal-oriented diamond rods, which offer the lowest mass inertia and the best wear properties, are used as tracer pins. For the Green and Blue models, they are based on synthetic raw stones that are given a classic elliptical cut. Excalibur Gold, Black and Red feature an even higher-quality natural diamond in a complex Shibata cut, which not only results in outstanding high-frequency resolution and low distortion, but also significantly extends the life of the stylus and minimizes record wear. Our top model, Platinum, follows the groove flank even more accurately with its MicroRidge diamonds. In conjunction with its smaller, lighter coils and a reinforced magnet, the Platinum stands for even finer high-frequency scanning with a practical output voltage that is hardly below that of the other low-output models.

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