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Speed Demons Characters Complete...

Speed Demons Characters Complete Skateboard Stars 7.75"

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Speed Demons Characters Complete Skateboard Stars 7.75"

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Speed Demons Characters Complete Skateboard Stars 7.75"

The Speed Demons Characters is perfect for kicking-off that skate game. This Speed Demons skateboard will be a great companion in your first encounters with the skate world. Being already fully assembled with all the right parts, this complete board is pretty much ready to ride right out of the box.

Medium concave board giving you well balanced board control paired with a comfortable stance

Small wheels with a diameter of 52mm are ideal for street skateboarding making it easier for you to do tricks where solid pop and an optimized balance is required

Hard wheels in 99A to land your tricks solidly and perfect for powerslides

This skateboard comes in different deck widths: 7.25", 7.5", 7.75" and 8"

Choose the 7.25" or 7.5" narrow deck size if you want a board where less power is required to perform street tricks and which is easy to flip around

The deck width of 7.75" and 8" is a good all-rounder that supports you the best if you want to play in all disciplines of skateboarding

Deck width:    6.5" (16.5cm), 7" (17.8cm), 7.25" (18.4cm), 7.5" (19cm), 7.75" (19.7cm), 8" (20.3cm)
Deck length:    29.5" (75cm), 30" (76cm), 31" (78.7cm)
Wheelbase:    13.5" (34.3cm), 13.875" (35.2cm), 14" (35.6cm)
Deck material:    Maple, 7-ply
Wheel diameter:    52mm
Deck features:    Double kicktail
Concave:    Medium
Wheel hardness:    92A, 99A
Wheel material:    PU casted
Bearing precision:    ABEC-5, ABEC-7
Truck type:    Standard kingpin, Standard hanger
Bushings:    88A
Griptape:    Pre-gripped

Speed Demons Characters Stars
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