Xcelsus Audio XPL-kit 1 kit two way 8"
Xcelsus Audio XPL-kit 1 kit two way 8"
Xcelsus Audio XPL-kit 1 kit two way 8"
Xcelsus Audio XPL-kit 1 kit two way 8"
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Xcelsus Audio XPL-kit 1 kit two way 8"
Xcelsus Audio XPL-kit 1 kit two way 8"
Xcelsus Audio XPL-kit 1 kit two way 8"
Xcelsus Audio XPL-kit 1 kit two way 8"

Xcelsus Audio XPL-kit 1 kit two way 8"

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 Xcelsus Audio XPL-kit 1 kit two way 8"

Discover the Xcelsus SQL audio package - the ultimate solution for the audio enthusiast who strives for superior audio quality and power. This package contains three critical components that work in harmony to give you an audio experience that takes your favorite sound to a whole new level

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Xcelsus Audio XPL-kit 1 kit two way 8"


Create an Audio Experience Beyond the Ordinary with Xcelsus SQL Audio Pack


Xcelsus XPLM8 Midbass: The Xcelsus XPLM8 are a pair of powerful 8-inch midbass that are perfect for the audio enthusiast who wants the best of both worlds: exceptional sound quality and high impact resistance. These mid-bass are designed in Sweden and equipped with a number of impressive functions to deliver a sound experience beyond the ordinary. With its non-pressed paper cone and phase plug, you not only get high-quality sound, you also get outstanding precision and detail.


Xcelsus XPLT28W Treble:

The Xcelsus XPLT28W is a 28mm softdome tweeter that gives you the desired soft sound while having an extremely high efficiency. This tweeter allows you to play loud with minimal distortion, which is critical to the sound quality of your system. Whether you prefer to listen to fine-tuned details or pump the volume to the max, the XPLT28W will deliver a sound experience that impresses.

SQL X-OVER XUSX6/8 Sharing Filter:

To ensure that all components of your audio system work together seamlessly, we include SQL X-OVER XUSX6/8 crossover filters. This filter is designed to optimize performance by controlling the frequency distribution between the mid-bass and the treble. The result is a coherent soundscape with power and clarity.

With the Xcelsus SQL Audio Pack, you don't just get high-quality audio; you also get the flexibility to customize your audio experience. Whether you're an audiophile who appreciates subtle details or someone who loves to feel the bass of the music, this package gives you the tools to create the audio experience you desire.

Properties and Technical Information:

- Components: Contains 2 pieces of 6.5-inch mid-bass and a 28mm softdome tweeter for a complete sound experience.

- Split filter: The SQL X-OVER XUSX6/8 split filter optimizes the frequency distribution for a coherent sound image.

- Flexibility: Perfect for SQL (Sound Quality & Loudness) builds, providing both quality sound and the ability to play loud with minimal distortion.

The Xcelsus SQL Sound Pack is the ultimate choice for those who value high-quality sound and want to take their music listening to the next level. Create an extraordinary sound experience with this comprehensive package and enjoy the music like never before.


Technical data

Size of midbass 6.5"

Treble size 28mm

Power endurance RMS 125W

Impact resistance MAX 250W

Frequency range 70-20000hz

Impedance 2 Ω

Sensitivity 100dB/1w

Sharing frequency 4000 Hz

Treble type Horn treble

Outer diameter midbase 175mm

Installation depth 71mm

Speaker grilles Yes

Mounting hole 144mm

Xcelsus Audio XPL-kit 1 kit two way 8"
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