PRIMALUNA DiaLogue Premium Integrated black


PRIMALUNA DiaLogue Premium Integrated black

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PRIMALUNA DiaLogue Premium Integrated black

DiaLogue Premium is about goose bumps. The ones you get when music comes out of a background so quiet, you may say to yourself “Just how is this possible?” PrimaLuna custom-winds our own massive toroidal power transformers that are low in hum and EMI. But we wanted more. Our engineers designed the AC Offset Killer to lower transformer noise to a place no other manufacturer dreams of going, regardless of how bad your electricity is. The result? Sense of space. Texture. The resonance of an acoustic guitar or violin string that seems to trail on forever. The AC Offset Killer will amaze you.

PrimaLuna engineers wanted to make owning a tube amp so simple you would have no excuse not to have your tube dreams come true.

If a tube fails, Adaptive AutoBias will instantly put the amplifier into protection mode so no parts can get damaged. A red LED will light up in front of the tube that needs replacing. Simply plug in another tube, and listen. No guessworkNo smoking ampNo getting out the soldering iron or dropping your amp off at UPS.

Made in Germany, these capacitors are used in the critical signal paths and while they are expensive, the PrimaLuna team felt they could not be left out after careful listening comparisons with many different types.

Output transformers are the most important part of any tube amp. They determine how low the bass will reach and how high the top end goes. 250 watts of power will have no top and bottom extension if the output transformers don't have the bandwidth. We use lower power to extend tube life, and bandwidth to give you slam. Transformers are the most expensive components in an amplifier, so manufacturers save money by using ‘off the shelf’ units available on the market. PrimaLuna output transformers are custom-designed, wound in-house, and massive. Our DiaLogue Class components feature the largest, widest-bandwidth output transformers we’ve ever made. One reason why no other brand sounds like a PrimaLuna. 

Ask any seasoned tube-head what the most musical output tube is and they will most certainly declare it the EL34. Other amp manufacturers would love to use it. Only PrimaLuna, through our proprietary output transformer designs, can give you EL34 midrange beauty with top-end air that goes on forever. And, bass extension with so much slam, our amps are used to power subwoofers.

Output Power:
(8 Ohms, 1% THD) 48 watts x 2 (KT150)
43 watts x 2 (KT120)
40 watts x 2 (KT88)
36 watts x 2 (EL34)
Output Power:
(8 Ohms, 1% THD) 24 watts x 2 (KT150)
22 watts x 2 (KT120)
20 watts x 2 (EL34 & KT88)
Inputs 5 Pair RCA +
1 Pair HT bypass
Outputs 4 & 8 Ohm
RCA Subwoofer Out
Freq. Response (+/- 1dB) 5Hz-69kHz (KT120)
5Hz-32kHz (KT88)
5Hz-30kHz (EL34)
THD (1W/1kHz) 0.2% (KT120)
0.25% (KT88)
0.14% (EL34)
S/N Ratio 81 dB (KT120 & KT88)
79 dB (EL34)
Input Sensitivity 280mV (KT120)
240mV (KT88)
230mV (EL34)
Input Impedance 100k Ohm
Power Consumption 255 watts
Standard Tube Compliment 6 - 12AU7
4 - EL34
Dimensions (WxHxD) 15.2" x 8" x 15.9"
Weight 29 kg