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PR14-B 5" Subwoofer Bundle Tang Bang



PR14-B 5" Subwoofer Bundle  Tang Bang

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PR14-B 5" Subwoofer Bundle  Tang Bang

Klang + Ton Heft 2/2017 Test Conclusion Mini Subwoofer: New Deep Tones! Common to all new subwoofers are the passive diaphragms, whose construction has been written by Tang Band for some time now. The Tang Band resonators are made of one piece of rubber and like chassis are simply screwed onto the housing. Compared to the really cheap "petty cash subwoofers", they once again significantly reduced their volume, so that the construction of ultra-compact sub-satellite systems is now within reach of the self-builder. The whole thing is not extremely cheap, but the level is also much higher than the standard PC speakers, for example. Here one has a decent degree of efficiency and a relatively high broadband - here must be filtered via an active module accordingly. However, this can passively be equalized quite passively with a correspondingly large coil, so that one obtains a usable sub between 45 and 100 hertz with a minimum of effort. Conclusion: For applications with minimal space requirements the ideal subwoofer.

5 "subwoofer bundle

The size for problem solving. 8 liters net 56Hz below limit frequency, level stable and convincing bass performance.

     1 x W5-1138 SMF
     1 x PR14

PR14 Features:

     Patented wave-shape structure design for passive radiator.
     Co-injection molding technology applied.
     Optimal balance of the internal loss and less damping of elasticity.
     Size: 163.7mm x 110.9mm x 14.5mm.
     Rectangle shape.


     Volume: 8 L
     Fs = 47.6 Hz
     Nom. Imp. = 4 ohms
     X-max. = 9.25 mm


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rating 5
TB speakers bundle
You can get a very good bass with this package. This bundle TB is cheap but with HQ bass sound.